MyCFAVisit Survey Rewards

mycfavisit by chick-fill-a
Mycfavisit survey rewards


Chick-fil-a has brought a tempting offer for its customers which they cannot deny. The famous American restaurant chain has launched their all-new survey known as MyCFAVisit survey. The survey is a customer feedback survey which will ask its participants a set of questionnaire based on the experiences they had during their visit to the restaurant. The MyCFAVisit survey is an online program and is offering exciting prizes to those who take the survey. It has got rewards aside especially for those who will take the sweepstakes.

As said earlier, Chick-Fil-A is an American fast-food restaurant chain who are renowned for their 24×7 open service. Founded in 1946, it is headquartered in College Park, Georgia. It is known for its famous chicken sandwiches which make it the largest restaurant chain serving chicken sandwiches and the third largest among other restaurant chains. 

The MyCFAVisit survey comes with a boon for its customers as by joining and finishing the survey, the customers will be eligible for the exciting survey rewards.

MyCFAVisit Survey Rewards

The survey boasts of prizes such as every participant finishing the survey will get a free chicken sandwich from any Chick-Fil-A restaurant and those who will take the sweepstakes will get a voucher coupon of 1500$ within a week from the entry.


The Chick-Fil-A has been a constant favorite since its opening. Many generations have come from then. It has been a trusted and favored fast food restaurant for people. But now, the competition is tough. So, to be in the race, the survey is an important platform to have a better relationship with customers and more importantly, the headquarters will have proper feedbacks and remarks session with their customers about the service and ambiance of its restaurants during their visit to the place. And by taking the survey, customers will be able to earn the mycfavisit survey rewards. So, don’t miss the opportunity, go get some.


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