MyCFAVisit Survey – Take Official Chick-fil-A® Survey [Win Free Sandwich]

Chick-fill-a is a popular chicken restaurant in the USA today. Chick-Fill-A survey on MyCFAVisit is one of the trendiest online reviews in the USA. Have you claimed your free sandwich yet? If not, go to the MyCFAVisit site to claim it now!

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MyCFAVisit Survey –

The MyCFAVisit – Chick-Fill-A Customer Experience Survey is a Chick-Fill-A, CFA survey to get consistent feedback from their customers in the USA. Chick-Fill-A exactly understands the need for customer satisfaction and experience survey just like other food giants; KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, CFA also

Here are some goals all the surveys, including CFA, intend to target:

  • To improve the menu items. Often the new details added result from customer feedback.
  • MyCFA Customer feedback to know the interest of indigenous people based on sex and age.
  • It is also beneficial for the customers because CFA is going to improve in the direction of the customer’s wishes.
  • The survey says more about how their employees can work towards customer satisfaction.

Steps to Participate in MyCFAVisit

While taking up the MyCFA customer experience survey, here are some simple steps to take up the survey on their official website

  1. Grab your PC, laptop, smartphone, or a tab. You should have a secure and fast internet connection on your device.
  2. ​Visit, Firstly, it is necessary to visit the site.
  3. Change the language after visiting the homepage. You get a couple of languages to choose from.
  4. Enter the MyCFAVisit survey code. After that, fill out the survey code. You will be asked the survey code printed on the receipt of your last visit to the CFA restaurant.​ On the restaurant receipt, the customer gets the survey code which needs to be entered. The code has to be correctly filled to further proceed to the survey. entering details to mycfavisit online portal
  5. Click on ‘Start’- After done with the survey code, then press the button that says ‘start’ to proceed. There will be simple questions about their restaurant, your experience, and your suggestions. Answer every question with full honesty so that the restaurant understands the shortcoming in the service of the restaurant and can work on it to improve the overall function of the restaurant.
  6. Leave feedback and suggestions, and earn a Chick-fil-a free sandwich coupon code.  Complete the questionnaire. After answering the survey questions, you have to give genuine feedback, which may contain complaints and any suggestions to the restaurant. You will get your code for a free sandwich at CFA within 24 hours after completing the survey via email.

Take Survey

Eligibility to participate in the MyCFAvisit Survey?​

You have to keep in mind some eligibility criteria before taking part in the survey. Those are the following-

  • The review is open for only the citizens of the United States.
  • You will have to partake in the survey as soon as possible after visiting the restaurant. The survey won’t take more than 5 minutes.
  • Your age must at least be 18 to be eligible for the survey.
  • Employees of Administrator, Sponsor,  and each of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies are not allowed to take part in the survey
  • A survey code printed on the receipt of your last visit to MyCFAvisit.
  • Only Spanish and English language is available for the survey. So keep a local friend with you while taking up the survey if you can’t speak or understand both of the words easily.


Chick-Fil-A has initially been named Dwarf Grill. It is a US-based tasty food chain.

In the beginning, it gives just breakfast, but after twenty-five years, they started serving all meals. They are specialized in chick fil a chicken sandwiches. This business was started in Georgia by Truett Cathy.

There is a specific purpose of the company for providing quality food and services to its customers. The Chick-Fil-A restaurant is very particular regarding excellent food quality maintenance that highlights its growing preference among the food lovers. Now the fast-food chain’s outlet intends to offer something to its faithful customer base in return for such widespread support. For that, it has created the online Chick-Fil-A survey platform of chick-fill-a.

Mycfavisit free sandwich


Religion plays a significant role in Chick-Fil-A’s values and even how they run the business. Cathy had healthy southern Baptist religious origins, making him aware of the holy “day of rest.” He observed the toll working in a restaurant seven days a week took on employees and recognized how that was also hurting whatever businesses the overworked employees worked for. Because of his religious background and the toll he knew overworking took on employees, he decided to close the Chick-Fil-A restaurant on Sundays.

In this way, they give all Chick-Fil-A employees rest, which is essential for their physical and mental health. It also improves their service and loyalty to their restaurants.

Shutting an entire restaurant down one day every single week is something unique to the Chick-fil-A brand that is still practiced to this day. The restaurant is also closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Fast forward to today, Chick-Fil-A is a fast-food giant, competing with other multinationals, including the largest chain in the world, McDonald’s. And it all started from Truett’s humble foundings of the original tiny little Dwarf Grill restaurant.

MyCFAvisit Survey Rewards

Here you are contributing to making CFA better by your input and completing the survey. That said, CFA returns a favor by giving some free stuff to each customer who completes the survey successfully.

Chick-Fill-A provides a free sandwich to each of their loyal customers who complete the survey successfully. They will email the coupon code within 24 hours after taking up the survey, and you can use it on your next visit to your nearest CFA restaurant.

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MyCFAVisit Customer Support

Chick-fil-A has made itself accompanied by some great customer service. MyCFAVisit Customer Support is extremely efficient and hard-working, which strives to solve the issues of the customer to the earliest.

You can contact Chick-fill-a by the following ways-

  1. Mailing Address: P.O. Box, 725489, Atlanta, GA 31139-9923.
  2. Telephone Number: 1-866-232-2040

And if you can, any question, head over to our Mycfavisit Support page or find a comment section below. We try to solve the issues to the earliest.

2 thoughts on “MyCFAVisit Survey – Take Official Chick-fil-A® Survey [Win Free Sandwich]

  1. I received a offer on my receipt to do a survey for a free sandwich. I completed the survey but never got the email for the free sandwich. This is the second time this has happened! I am good enough to take my time to complete your survey, you should be good on your promise to send the free sandwich. The code at the top is 1880252008591018020602. My email is pje60@

    • Hi Pam, do try contacting at the Chick-fil-A Telephone Number: 1-866-232-2040. As an alternative, you can try contacting them at there official Facebook acc or tweet them on twitter.

      Team MyCFAVisit

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