How to Comb your Hair Properly

Humans are in the zenith in the food hierarchy. With such an advanced brain and complex body systems, Humans have the upper hand. But this is just not all. With such complex systems working, humans need repair and maintenance quite often. Moreover, humans need to take care of their bodies to stay fit. Thus, health and hygiene are the two most essential aspects of our life. We need to keep ourselves properly groomed and well maintained.

Proper combing of our hair is also a part of health and hygiene. Combing the hair plays many essential functions. It regulates the blood circulation in your scalp. This helps in the growth of hair. It keeps the scalp and hair clean of dirt. Hence, here are the aptest steps to comb your hair.

How to Comb your Hair

Follow these steps to have a proper combing of your hair:-

  • Pick up a comb or brush. Using a full medium-sized tooth comb is more appropriate.
  • Now, move the comb on the hair cautiously from front of the scalp to the back of it. Comb the hair until all the hair is in the same direction.


Hair is an integral part of the human being, as it is vital for the look of a person. Therefore, keeping hair well-groomed is necessary. While combing the hair, few things must be kept in mind. Hair should be combed when it is dry. Never brush hair when it is damp as it will damage the hair follicles. After a bath, dry your hair with a blow dryer or by sitting under the sun before combing. You may brush your hair after applying hair gel or hair wax to set your hair in a proper look.

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