How to take Screenshot on Windows 8

It is a time taking task when an image or a part of a file needs to be copied to your PC. But how easy would it be if we didn’t need to copy and take a screenshot of the desired item? To this problem, Windows 8 gives you a better solution. It has effortless methods of making a screenshot on PC, like using the Print key or using applications like the snipping tool. For that, here are given a few ways to able to capture a screenshot.

How to Take Screenshot on Windows 8

Of the Entire Screen

  1. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard after selecting the item to be captured as scrèenshot.
  2. Search and open MS Paint.
  3. Press Ctrl+V together to paste the screenshot in Paint. Press Ctrl+S to save the screenshot.

Of One Window

  1. Select the item that you wish to capture by clicking on it.
  2. Press and hold Alt+Print Screen simultaneously.
  3. Search and open MS Paint. 
  4. Hold Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot and Ctrl+S to save the screenshot.

Using a snipping tool

  1. Go to the Start menu and type the Snipping Tool in the search box. Select and open from the searched results.
  2. Now, select the snip shape as per your need. Typically, the snip shape is set as rectangular, but you can change it to any form such as free body, circular, elliptical, square, etc.


Thus, we saw these three methods by which you can take a screenshot on your PC. Other than these, you can also use different methods and third-party applications to have a better screenshot.

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