Get free Chicken Nuggets or New Kale Crunch Side with App

Every food lover around the globe has heard of Chick-fil-A or CFA. It is a US-based fast-food joint chain, serving delicious breakfast, lunch as well as dinner for the entire day. It is also considered among the handful restaurant chains which remain operational all round the year! CFA was founded in 1946 and since then, has been one of the most famous chicken sandwich makers.

CFA headquarters are in Georgia, USA. Every of their food items is mouthwatering, including other chicken dishes. Like many other multinational food chains, even CFA wants to keep its food quality and customer flow intact. To aid in this, CFA has initiated a survey called the “MyCFAVisit” survey.  But apart from that, now CFA is trying to improve the net amount of users who are using their mobile application.

How to Get Free Chicken Nuggets or new Kale Crunch Side with App

Though Chick-fil-A is a very famous food joint, its app can do better. To make this happen, CFA has given a new initiative to its customers.

The chicken chain of CFA is offering the “free” order of CFA’s classic nuggets to all the users who use their mobile app. This is valid through January 31, to all the users, who either have opened their Chick-fil-A account or even signs in to their existing account on the specific application.

The news doesn’t end here. The customers can even exchange the free nuggets for Chick-fil-A’s new Kale Crunch Side. This new Kale Crunch Side was released recently. Moreover, if someone wants to substitute this Kale Crunch, it’s possible. They can replace the Kale Crunch for Waffle Potato Fries. 


Chick-fil-A has always been the customer’s favorite for a reason. The main reason being the offers and impeccable quality, alongside the hygienic restaurant environment. The prices are also reasonable. CFA wants to make a mark by leveling up their game. The mobile app would be beneficial in that. The motive to gain free CFA food will draw in customers in large numbers.

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