How to Enable Dark Mode for Instagram

Social media is always a hub for new trends. New features are brought in trend by Social press nowadays. Talking of pattern, since the last year, there has been a remarkable rise in demand for dark themes for applications. When it comes to social media, the market is even higher. So, software developers have come up with dark ideas for many of the popular applications like Facebook, Gmail, and WhatsApp.

According to Google, running an application on a dark theme conserves power. The mysterious item is also less harmful to the user’s eyes at night as compared to the default white interface. The darker interface makes it easier to study, and most importantly, it looks cool!

How to Enable Dark mode for Instagram

Turning on the dark way on Instagram isn’t as easy as it is for other appropriate like Gmail. The dark method for Instagram isn’t available to everyone. Only the users running their smartphones on Android 10 or iOS 13 can enjoy the dark theme on Instagram. We should make it clear beforehand that there isn’t any appropriate options/button to turn on dark mode for Instagram.

If you are an Android user with Android 10 or an iOS user with iOS 13, all you need to do is to activate the dark theme on your smartphone. That is enough to activate dark-themed for your Instagram. This will also apply a dark theme for the other applications that are compatible with the dark theme. Now, let’s take a look at how to use dark themes on Android 10 and iOS 13, respectively.

Turning on Dark Theme for Instagram on Android 10

  • Go to your phone’s “Settings.”
  • Scroll to “Display and Brightness.” 
  • Enable “Dark Theme” and exit “Settings.”
  • Launch the “Instagram” app.

Turning on Dark Theme for Instagram on iOS 13

  • Go to the phone’s “Settings.” 
  • Scroll to “Display.” 
  • Activate “Dark Theme” toggle and exit “Settings.”
  • Launch the Instagram app.


Until now, the developers for Instagram haven’t made any specific option to apply a dark theme for Instagram. But keeping in mind the rapid demand for dark themed applications, they have developed Instagram to get compatible with Android 10 and iOS 13’s dark mode.

So if your Operating System is capable of running Instagram on a dark theme, you’ll be able to do so. Or else, you might need to wait for Instagram to release the dark theme feature separately.

How to Comb your Hair Properly

Humans are in the zenith in the food hierarchy. With such an advanced brain and complex body systems, Humans have the upper hand. But this is just not all. With such complex systems working, humans need repair and maintenance quite often. Moreover, humans need to take care of their bodies to stay fit. Thus, health and hygiene are the two most essential aspects of our life. We need to keep ourselves properly groomed and well maintained.

Proper combing of our hair is also a part of health and hygiene. Combing the hair plays many essential functions. It regulates the blood circulation in your scalp. This helps in the growth of hair. It keeps the scalp and hair clean of dirt. Hence, here are the aptest steps to comb your hair.

How to Comb your Hair

Follow these steps to have a proper combing of your hair:-

  • Pick up a comb or brush. Using a full medium-sized tooth comb is more appropriate.
  • Now, move the comb on the hair cautiously from front of the scalp to the back of it. Comb the hair until all the hair is in the same direction.


Hair is an integral part of the human being, as it is vital for the look of a person. Therefore, keeping hair well-groomed is necessary. While combing the hair, few things must be kept in mind. Hair should be combed when it is dry. Never brush hair when it is damp as it will damage the hair follicles. After a bath, dry your hair with a blow dryer or by sitting under the sun before combing. You may brush your hair after applying hair gel or hair wax to set your hair in a proper look.

How to Format Local Disc C in Windows

The C Drive of our computer is the place where the operating system of the machine is stored. Formatting the C Drive is also not an easy task. To format the drive, we have to format it outside of Windows, i.e., other than the Windows installation. This task is done by booting the operating system through CD/DVD/BD drive, flash drive, or floppy disk.

This may sound a little exhausting, but it is quite easy to do. Here are a few methods mentioned below to help you with the formatting of the Local Disk C in Windows.

How to Format Local Disk C in Windows

Let’s see the methods of formatting the drive:- 

Using a Windows 7 Installation Disc or Drive

  1. First, insert any Windows Installation Drive in your drive reader. 
  2. Now, restart the PC. A prompt window appears on the screen after the PC turns back on.
  3. Select the preferred language on the page and click Next.
  4. Now, click on Install Now on the next page. The installation setup will initialize.
  5. A window will appear, asking to agree on the license terms. Accept it by check-marking in the box next to the phrase: “I accept the license terms.”
  6. On the next page, click on the Custom  (Advanced) option. It will lead to a page with a list of installation options. Choose the preferable option and proceed.
  7. Click on the Drive(Advanced) option. Select the C Drive and click Format. Click Ok to format the drive.

Using a System Repair Disc or Drive

  1. First, insert a Windows system repair drive in the drive reader.
  2. Repeat the steps mentioned in the earlier method up to the selected language.
  3. Select the option “Use Recovery Tool That Can Help Fix Problems Starting Windows.” Click Next.
  4. Click Command Prompt in the System Recovery option’s window.
  5. Enter the command format c:/ fs: NTFS (or FAT32) and press Enter.
  6. Press Y key and Enter simultaneously to erase all the data from Local Disk C.
  7. Keep the name of the drive and press Enter.
  8. Now, remove the system repair drive and insert the installation drive for your desired operating system. Your Format is completed.
  9. Reboot the PC to begin the installation.


Different Windows version comes with little different moderation in their settings. Like in place of an NTFS file, you may use the FAT32 file. You must note that while it is advisable to keep the name of the system repair drive related to the operating system but you may keep as you wish.

How to take Screenshot on Windows 8

It is a time taking task when an image or a part of a file needs to be copied to your PC. But how easy would it be if we didn’t need to copy and take a screenshot of the desired item? To this problem, Windows 8 gives you a better solution. It has effortless methods of making a screenshot on PC, like using the Print key or using applications like the snipping tool. For that, here are given a few ways to able to capture a screenshot.

How to Take Screenshot on Windows 8

Of the Entire Screen

  1. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard after selecting the item to be captured as scrèenshot.
  2. Search and open MS Paint.
  3. Press Ctrl+V together to paste the screenshot in Paint. Press Ctrl+S to save the screenshot.

Of One Window

  1. Select the item that you wish to capture by clicking on it.
  2. Press and hold Alt+Print Screen simultaneously.
  3. Search and open MS Paint. 
  4. Hold Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot and Ctrl+S to save the screenshot.

Using a snipping tool

  1. Go to the Start menu and type the Snipping Tool in the search box. Select and open from the searched results.
  2. Now, select the snip shape as per your need. Typically, the snip shape is set as rectangular, but you can change it to any form such as free body, circular, elliptical, square, etc.


Thus, we saw these three methods by which you can take a screenshot on your PC. Other than these, you can also use different methods and third-party applications to have a better screenshot.

How to Enter in the MyCFAVisit Survey

Nowadays, the growth of restaurant companies and the demand for those restaurants have led them to be extremely vulnerable to their customers. Thus, restaurant chains must gain customer feedback as they are a valuable resource for their growth. It helps them to keep a check on the performance of each restaurant in their chain and to find places for improvements. Such a restaurant chain is Chick-Fil-A. MyCFAVisit is considered among the rare number of restaurant chains that serve its customers 24×365 days around the world.

Chick-fil-A or CFA is an US-based fast-food joint chain, serving delicious breakfast, lunch as well as dinner for 24×7 hours. It was founded in 1946 and is very popular for its chicken sandwich, and other chicken-based meals and soups. It has opened more than 2200 restaurants, mostly in the USA and Canada.

About the MyCFAVisit Survey

Chick-Fil-A has recently started its customer survey to keep a quality check of the services they provide. For their customers, the review is considered to be fruitful, as the participant who takes the study and finishes it, can win Free Chicken Sandwiches as well as a significant amount of  $ 1,500. Some attention must be given to the fact that in the survey, the survey code will be asked. You will find the survey code mentioned on the receipt. Use the survey code of the last revenue received from the restaurant to enter the survey. Another information must be updated after the study; a validation code will be given. Note it down so that the validation code can be used to redeem your coupon at the restaurant to avail for further many eye-catching offers. 

How to participate in the MyCFAVisit Survey

  1. Open a web browser and go to so that the survey form page will open. 
  2. Choose the language between English and Spanish for moving to the next step.
  3. Enter the survey code mentioned on the receipt that is given the last time you had visited the store.
  4. Next, answer all the questions asked on the survey page carefully and adequately. Items will be based on your personal experience at the store, and according to it, they will ask to give a rating.
  5. After finishing the given set of questions, enter your details such as phone number and email id, so that they may reach you if you are lucky enough to win the survey.
  6. Click on submit to complete the survey.


The MyCFAVisit survey forms are open for all to fill up. You can earn the lucky draw, which will conclude it to be a smart move as through the draw, you may get a free chicken sandwich or even win the sweepstakes an amount of $1500 prize. So, hurry up and got to your nearest store to avail of the offer.